Free talk on the Dunhuang Star Chart (History of Astronomy)

Free talk on the Dunhuang Star Chart (History of Astronomy)

French astrophysicist, Dr. Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud will give a free talk at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory this Saturday (28th Sept 2013) on The Dunhuang Star Chart a spectacular document relating to the history of astronomy which was brought back to light by a recent study from a group of scholars led by Dr. Bonnet-Bidaud.

This talk from 7-8.30pm will delve into how exactly the Chinese astronomers mapped the stars, how their star chart was lost, and dramatically found again, and the central part that astronomy played in Imperial rule of this vast nation.

Now kept at the British Library in London, The Dunhuang chart was found among 40,000 other manuscripts discovered at the Buddhist Mogao cave complex, on the Chinese Silk road in 1900. Sealed in a hidden cave around the 11th century, these manuscripts, mostly religious Buddhist texts, were miraculously preserved thanks to a dry climate.

To accompany this talk CIT BCO also showing two films from CNRS – the French national agency for scientific researchThe Dunhuang Star Chart is a documentary on the work carried out by Jean-Marc and his team and the Draconids Encounter 2011 is a documentary on one of the most famous meteor showers, the Draconides, from the comet Giacobini-Zinner.

Free and open to all, this Saturday the 28th of September.

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Press release and contact: Dee Geaney

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